Iowa Storm Shelters

The state of Iowa has seen considerable tornado devastation and destruction over the last few years. From the 2008 Parkersburg, Iowa destruction that went viral all across the internet and social media to the recent destruction in 2013 from small pop up storms and tornadoes. Many Iowa residents are looking for a convenient and safe place for refuge from the inclement weather and storms.  This is prompting homeowners to consider adding a tornado shelter to their home to ensure their family always has a safe place to go.  As many people have witnessed tornado season continues to stretch longer and stronger with each passing year.  Recent storms and destruction all across the US have prompted thousands of families to select the Granger ISS Underground Tornado Shelter as their family’s tornado shelter solution. Look at the statistics of Iowa tornadoes over the last few years and see why families are making the investment for the addition of the Granger ISS Storm Shelter to their family’s safety plan.

Tornadoes continue to plague communities all across Iowa. Ranging from Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Davenport and Sioux City- all residents of Iowa are at risk of an inclement weather or tornado disaster situation.

Tornado data from 2010 to 2013 is as follows:  (Statistics courtesy of the NOAA)

Iowa Tornado Statistics

  2010 2011 2012 2013
Total Number of Tornadoes 33 51 16 15
Estimated Number of Injuries 14 16 6  
Number of Deaths 0 0 0  
Path Length of All Tornadoes
41.9 miles
171.6 miles
52.2 miles
Average Path Length
1.3 miles
3.4 miles
3.3 miles
Average Width
92 yards
272 yards
200 yards
Longest Path Length Individual Tornado 
13.7 miles
29.4 miles
16.6 miles
Largest Width Individual Tornado 
800 yards
1.5 miles
.5 miles 
Peak Hour of Tornado Occurrence
8 pm - 9 pm
9pm - 10 pm
2 pm - 4 pm
Peak Month of Tornado Occurrence
Most Tornadoes In A Day
June 22/25 (6)
April 9 (20)
April 14 (7)
Most Number of Tornado Days 13 10 6  
Number of EF0 Tornadoes 24 21 7 0
Number of EF1 Tornadoes 7 19 6 7
Number of EF2 Tornadoes 1 7 3 1
Number of EF3 Tornadoes 0 3 0 1
Number of EF4 Tornadoes 1 1 0 0
Number of EF5 Tornadoes 0 0 0 0


America's leading underground Storm Shelter

Granger Industries continues to provide the fastest growing storm shelter network of high quality, underground shelters. The Granger ISS Storm Shelter is the only underground shelter that is manufactured by an internationally recognized manufacturing entity. Granger has designed, developed and manufactured industry leading solutions in Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Industrial, Agricultural, Waste Management and so much more. Granger Industries touts world renown engineering innovations and so much more. Granger is also the only storm shelter manufacturer to hold FAA quality certifications.

Watch the story below as the nationally televised program "The List" talks to some Granger ISS storm shelter consumers who say that the shelter was "money well spent".

Read the Storm Shelter features to learn about the industry leading features provided by the Granger ISS Underground Storm Shelter.

Tornado Survivor: Granger ISS Shelter Choice "No Brainer"

One Alabama Tornado survivor says that her choice of a Granger ISS Storm shelter was a "no brainer". Read the story below to learn about one tornado survivors experience and their underground shelter choice.

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Industry leading features

Granger's underground safety shelter provides outstanding features found on no other shelter. The rotationally molded construction of this storm shelter is attributed to durable double wall of polyethylene in this product. The 1/2" exterior and 1/2" interior walls are filled with VOC exempt dimensionally secure foam guaranteeing remarkable resilience, best installation readily available and enhanced condensation resistance. This also allows for setup in locations that other shelters are unable to be set up such a high water table or tight areas.
The three layered panel door is an additional one-of-a-kind component of the Granger ISS. This door comes standard with a dual gas assisted shock system for simple entrance and exit, triple locking system for supreme protection and a customizable outside panel. The door of the Granger ISS is FEMA 320 and 361 exceeding.

Various other special features of the ISS consist of formed seating molded in to the unit, LED light, two articulating hand rails, easy three step entry, 2 sources of ventilation, simple setup and installation and incomparable lifespan providing security for generations.

See why the Granger ISS is the United State's leading tornado shelter solution! Supplying industry leading protection with incomparable resilience, a lifetime guarantee and a far exceeding industry lifespan, the Granger ISS Storm cellar is the only tornado protection your family members will ever before need! Read more about the units features here.  

The multi-layer composite door is another unique feature of the Granger ISS shelter. This door comes standard with a double shock system for easy entrance and exit, triple locking system for ultimate security and a customizable exterior panel. The door of the Granger ISS is FEMA 320 and 361 exceeding.

Other unique features of the ISS include molded in seating, LED light, articulating hand rails, easy three step entrance, two sources of venting, easy installation and unsurpassed lifespan offering protection for generations.

See why the Granger ISS is America's leading storm shelter solution! Offering industry leading protection with unsurpassed durability, a lifetime warranty and industry leading lifespan, the Granger ISS Storm shelter is the only underground safety sanctuary your family will ever need! Read more about the units features here.

World Class Manufacturing

This industry leading underground shelter solution is manufactured by internationally recognized Granger Plastics Company, a world renowned Plastics Company & Rotational Molding expert. For its customers continuing protection Granger now offers the Granger ISS Tornado Shelter door with an UL listed bullet resistant upgrade option! With many modifications that can be made for the most secure interior or exterior installation you can easily turn your underground storm shelter into a full scale safe room offering your family the most complete protection!

Bullet Resistant Door Upgrades

UL Listed Bullet Resistant Levels

An overwhelming number of customers asked for a "bullet resistant door upgrade" to allow their underground tornado shelter to serve double function as their families underground safe room as well. Granger Plastics performed relentlesss research & development into what is now the only bullet resistant door to meet or exceed UL, FEMA 320 and FEMA 361 specifications!

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Leading safety features

Granger Plastics safety industy leading underground storm shelter innovation offers trailblazing features that are found only in the Granger ISS Storm shelter. It is the only double wall, rotationally molded, foam filled tornado shelter on the market! Being an internationally recognized name that is synonymous with quality & innovation in the Rotational Molding industry, Granger made sure to incorporate safety with functionality into its Granger ISS innovation. These features include:

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Industry leading triple layer protection!

The only Storm Shelter offering a double wall foam filled body with a 5 layer composite door that exceeds FEMA 320 & FEMA 361 standards!

The Granger ISS Storm Shelter is the only shelter in the industry that offers double wall, foam filled construction!

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Granger features nearly 20 years of industry leading shelter research, development and manufacturing experience!

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Manufactured from Polyethylene, the Granger ISS shelter offers the longest useful lifespan of ANY underground shelter!

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Custom Storm Shelter doors that match your landscape, home or even your favorite team! Available in a variety of colors!.

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